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Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a set of monitors.  CCTV is used for surveillance in areas that may need monitoring and recording by video recorder (VCR).

CCTV is of course highly important from a security standpoint. Its main function is to record of a criminal area and aiding police investigations. CCTV is highly useful for crime prevention. This way if they simply see that you have CCTV in the area, they will then automatically be less inclined to try and steal from you, and will more likely move on to another, easier target. CCTV is also useful for the organization and factory. It can help you to prevent and catch criminals within your own organization. It can help you to monitor the process of work in your factory.

Components of a CCTV System
There's a lot that goes into a successful CCTV installation. While the cameras get most of the attention in the beginning, you also have other concerns, such as viewing, recording, and archiving the video footage, and the equipment required for carrying out those tasks. Here's a look at the basic components of a typical CCTV system.

  • Cameras and Lenses
  • Security cameras are the starting point for most CCTV systems. There are endless possibilities when choosing CCTV cameras and lenses everything from fixed models designed for monitoring very specific locations, to day/night cameras, and powerful PTZ domes for patrolling large areas. Cameras and lenses are important part because they must send the quality pictures to be recorded by video recorder as the criminal evidence.

    Video Recorder Systems, DVR/NVR
    Most modern CCTV systems incorporate DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or IP (Network Video Recorder, NVR) which enable operators to reap some of the benefits of a network-based surveillance setup. DVR convert the analog footage to digital, which helps to extend storage capacity, makes it much easier to search archived footage, and also allows users to stream video over a network for remote viewing from multiple locations. Video Recorder Systems is mainly on processing video and recording into the storage memory.

  • Monitor
  • In a traditional CCTV setup, operators view footage from a central location on a monitor very much like a TV, but with higher lines of resolution for better picture quality. Monitors can be dedicated (meaning they display video from a single camera), or call-up (meaning operators can access multiple cameras at the same time). Presently, operators can also view footage on the alternatives hardware such as TV, Computer, Ipad, Iphone or mobile phone.

  • Other Components
    • Cable
      With an analog system, coaxial cable is required for transmitting video footage from the cameras. Coaxial cable can be difficult to install, especially for larger camera networks, and those were cameras must be positioned in difficult locations. Therefore, coaxial cable should be installed by specialist in order to reduce the damage and wasting time.

    • Camera Bracket

    • Camera Housing

    • Adaptor




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